I knew it would happen one day, I just didn’t think it would be so soon. I’ve been officially categorized as the ‘old’ generation by my precious daughter.

It used to be that mama knew everything. I was the person she would come to for all worldly questions; “Mom, why do dogs pee on fire hydrants?” or “Mom, could you please help me save my project on the computer?”. Now I get, The Look. You probably know it, that condescending ‘Like, I’m dealing with a total dufus, what a drag!’, look. Just like that, without any warning, I’ve become…’old like grandma!’

I will never forget the day of my official entry into the ‘senior discount’ category.

We went to this chicken-wing hole in the ground place for dinner one day, the entire family: gramps, grandma, the kids and me. It was a pretty long drive to get there but the place has the best wings so we all squeezed in the car with mouthwatering thoughts of juicy and crispy chicken-wings flying circles in our heads. Unfortunately the place was closed when we arrived, we were devastated! There was a flyer tacked to the wall with the opening hours and phone number for ordering in advance. We figured we should at least copy down the information for next time, so my mother walks up to the wall and takes out her pen and a wrinkled piece of paper she had dug up from her purse. Being the intelligent, ‘go with the technology’ kind of person that I am, I whipped out my phone and started adding the number directly to my phone directory. Just as I was feeling so smart and a teensy-weensy bit superior to my mom, my daughter walks up to both of us, shakes her head like you would to a belligerent child and waved us aside. She then calmly took her phone and…click! She took a quick picture of the flyer and sauntered back to the car, leaving us standing there with pen, paper and phone in hand like two ancient relics from the dinosaur age!  And just like that, I was demoted from hero know-it-all mom to a senior citizen like my mom…

I’ve learned my lesson and I now click away at anything and everything as not to get left behind by this generation of selfies, Instagram, Snapchats and whatnot’s…but I know that the line has been drawn, a small crevice has formed between X and Y that will slowly but surely expand until it becomes a sinkhole that will ultimately turn into the Grand Canyon…Evolution at work…


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