Daily prompt: Desire

Oh, but to have a genie in a bottle…Just a little rub and I could wish for whatever my heart desires.

But what is it that I truly desire? Riches beyond belief? Beauty? Eternal life?

It all sounds nice enough but will it make me happy? Maybe I should desire happiness?

I don’t think that’s something that can be desired though, more like a place you come to in life.

Well, worldly riches can buy me just about everything but not happiness and beauty will make me enjoy watching myself in the mirror, but seriously? How often will I do that before I get sick of seeing my beautiful self?! Eternal life also sounds great but in an exhausting way! I can already visualize my healthy beautiful body having to go to funeral after funeral, watching my friends and loved ones die one after the other of old age, leaving me all alone to grieve.

No, I think I will just let that little genie be in her bottle. Forget the desires, live my life and try to come to that most important place in life…find happiness.


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